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"I have not found a sense of purpose to why I survived Vietnam. Then last year I met Murphy- a retired New York City mounted police horse. He has walked the walk and understands me- it was an instant connection and I had never even touched a horse before. It’s not because he is battle weary but battle tested. Now I volunteer every week at Freedom Horse Farm with Equine Immersion Programs.  Murphy gets me out of my head and out of my house. Who would have thought two old guys like us would have a some meaning again."  

~Navy Veteran, Vietnam 1969-1970


"I have not seen my daughter laugh this much in years. Actually- I haven't seen her interact with people this much in years. She trusts the horses and they help her connect to everyone in the group"

~ Father of Military Sexual Trauma Survivor

"This program has altered my life in ways that I could not even begin to explain.  The changes I see in the Veterans over an immersion weekend are profound and meaningful. I'm honored to play a small part in their big change"

~EIP Volunteer