What Is Immersion

Equine Immersion Programs are 1 Day, 2 Day and Weekend events offered at horse farms across the country. Research supports Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies as a complimentary alternative to traditional treatment for service related injuries- physical, emotional, social and spiritual. The EIP model of full day immersion is innovative providing important social aspects and bonding that many veterans and family members seek after service.

What Veterans are saying

At every treatment program- I have been to a lot- they teach mindfulness, coping and ways to deal in public. None of it stuck until I was with horses. I HAD to calm down and breathe- horses don’t put up with attitude. It was immediate and powerful. When I got myself together they came to me- the horses gave me a reason to pull it together. This made me think about my kid, my work and the attitude I was giving off. I get it now.”

-Marine Veteran

Iraq, 2010-2011

After completing a weekend

program with EIP

   EIP is Horse Based   

& Client Centered 

Making Connections
Building Competency
Having Choices
Continuing the Healing Journey

      EIP Sessions      

Often, service members do not have choices- where they are stationed, if they deploy, what job they will be assigned.  EIP offers many choices as an important element during the reintegration process from military careers to civilian life. 


Trail Riding


Horseback Riding


Hiking with Horses


Carriage Driving


Healing Energy

      EIP TEAM       

To facilitate the highest standards, EIP has comprehensive training and rigorous protocols for our diverse professional and volunteer corps. At each EIP site there will be a military advocate, mental health professional, equine specialist and operations manager.




Military Advocate - who has walked the walk and can relate to life in the service

Mental Health Professional - who has specialized training and

understands the complex issues


Equine Specialists- who know horse behavior and safety practices


Operations Manager- who will ensure facility issues are supervised