In Their Words

EIP has been honored to serve over 1,200 military, first responders and their families. Below are quotes from our evaluations to provides some examples of what participants are saying about EIP. 

“More than what I expected.”

“Saving lives by creating friendships for life.”

“This program blew away my expectations.”

“The staff, volunteers and horses were amazing!!! I LOVED it!!”


“At the beginning of the weekend I assumed I would be uncomfortable with unfamiliar people and a strange environment. The whole experience turned out to be pleasantly unexpected. Our group of veterans meshed well together. We cannot say enough great things about the staff.  Gerry, Kristen, Tara, Sue Jo and the other volunteers.  So grateful to have such diverse care and equipped staff. The entire staff is a credit to the UpReach program, so glad to have met them and experienced all the have to offer in this program.  Will recommend to other fellow Veterans. Thank you so much.”

“A wonderful place to meet new people and or fellow veterans.”

“Slow your role.”

“After 30 years it was like riding a bicycle again.”

“From the hearts of experience comes the warmth of community.”

“Animals help us to become selfless.”

“Heaven is spending time with a horse or connecting with a horse”

“I felt confident, something I don’t always feel.”

“Give yourself the time & space enough to heal.”

“Beautiful experience calming atmosphere.”

“It would be the first few sentences of the poem written by Robert Frost, “A Road Diverged”


“You must grab the reigns of life and decide your own destiny.”

“Spending time with horses left me covered in love.”

“An amazing experience to connect with horses, other veterans and dedicated staff & volunteers.”

“Very relaxed day to reflect & notice the beauty around me.”

“I Accomplished so much in a short weekend that I left fulfilled and wanting more. A truly beneficial experience in terms of self-esteem and trust.”

“Just a note on arrival my blood sugar was high at 196.  After riding and activities on Saturday my sugar was low at 93 and before bed only 102 after a full awesome dinner. The therapy helps my diabetes and lowers my stress, anxiety and helps depression.”

“This program is a must for all veterans of all ages.  The EIP staff are superb in every way – they are caring, friendly and respectful.  The weekend activities left me happy and smiling.  I haven’t felt this calm in years.  Thank you EIP!”

“If you need something/someone to restore your faith in people come here!”

“I was surprised and happy at how good this equine experience was.”

“I felt that the horses I groomed and/or rode knew me.  Wonderful experience!”

“Activities that make you forget about your worries for a while’"

“What a superb day! Instructors were very professional knowledgeable, warm, friendly and insightful. I strongly encourage both Veterans and supporters to attend this retreat. P.S. Food, snacks, drinks were great, too.”

“Working with horses has been the only stable part of my life.”

“Working with an equine partner among many other things helps build trust and reduce stress.”

“The staff, other members & horses were an amazing experience.”

“The remedy in ourselves does often lay.”

“I currently participate in Horses 4 Heroes here in Milford.  This was a great immersion day for me to put into practice what I have been learning.”

“Everybody should try it once, good group building.” (-support)

“Amazing day, everyone should have a day like this on their bucket list.  Thank you very much for your time and energy with such important work.  Human-animal interaction/connection rocks.” (-support)


“Stay strong, stay focused, stay alive, ride on.”

“This was a trip that helped me to connect with a  group and some large animals. The key to these interactions was relaxing (to ride better) and quieting the mind (to present a positive energy with the horses) I look forward to returning.”

“Feeling the energy didn’t stop at the horses!”

“Being around horses makes the real world disappear for a while and takes stress away.”

“Horses are magical animals that bring such peace and joy.  This program is instrumental in healing and I would highly recommend it.”

“Connecting with horses is a great stepping stone towards connecting with people.”

“So uptight and migraine when I arrived.  Totally migraine free and relaxed by end of the day.”

“The powerful healing of horses coupled with the support of the staff allowed me to relax, be fully present and gave me the opportunity to connect on multiple levels and feel a generalized peaceful, stress free state of mind.”