Why Horses

Horses have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods (just like us!) so we can learn about ourselves and others through them.

 Horses mirror and respond to humans teaching us coping strategies, interpersonal skills and mindfulness.

Horses allow us to increase our self-confidence, empathy and leadership skills.

Horses become agents of change and catalysts for healing.

EIP participants have reported feeling “grounded”, “peaceful”, “relaxed”, “calm” and “hopeful”.

What Veterans are saying

Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies are an experiential evidenced based approach. 

Horses promote insight and healing because we can relate to their stress and responses-

  • Fight

  • Flight

  • Freeze

  • Flock 

Growth and learning occur regarding behavioral, social, familial and emotional issues. 

Partner with horses and our team to


  • explore struggles

  • resolve issues

  • develop strategies

  • experience healing


*No prior experience with horses is necessary because the focus is not riding or horsemanship. 




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